Our Los Angeles Trash Bin Cleaning Services

Looking for a trash bin cleaning service near me? Our trash bin cleaning services provide an affordable and convenient way to ensure your bins are always fresh and clean in just minutes.

Residential Trash Bin Cleaning

When you book our trash bin cleaning, our team will take care of every step, securing your bins with our grabbers and loading them onto our truck before they are safely cleaned and thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. When we finish our trash bin cleaning, we return your bins back to your curb or driveway, giving you sparkling bins in just minutes!

30 Seconds

To a deep clean

Only $25

For 2 bins with monthly cleans

Flawless Bins Residential trash bin cleaning

How our residential bin cleaning works

Flawless Bins Residential Bin Cleaning

When you book our one-time, monthly, or quarterly bin cleaning, our team will be in touch throughout the process to ensure a quick and easy clean. We typically schedule cleans either on the day of your routine bin pickup schedule when HOA residences require this, or the day after your routine bin pickup schedule. Simply fill out our booking form, and a member of our team will work with your needs to schedule your bin cleaning and get your bins sparkling again!

HOA Scheduling

For residents in HOA buildings, our team will make sure to follow HOA guidelines to schedule your cleaning to meet building requirements.

Residential Scheduling

For residences that are not HOA managed, we will schedule your trash bin cleaning the day after your routine trash pick up schedule.


Before your cleaning, simply ensure your bins are empty and leave them outside for our team to pick up when we arrive. We’ll take care of the rest!

Flawless Bins Disinfected Bins

Disinfecting Your Bins

Once we arrive, we will safely load your bins onto our truck, where we use 220 degree heated water to thoroughly disinfect your bins inside and out.

Flawless Bins Bin Sanitization

Sanitizing Your Bins

Our cleaner steams and uses 360-degree pressure to provide a strong and concentrated clean on your bins, with zero spillage on your property.

Flawless Bins Trash Bin Cleaning Deodorize Bins Icon

Deodorizing Your Bins

After completing our clean, we spray a neutralizing deodorizer to ensure scent free trash bins that are fresh and sparkling for your next use.

Our Pricing

We offer our Los Angeles trash can cleaning services at a one time, monthly, and quarterly basis. Get the biggest savings with our monthly plan, at just $25 for 2 bins. Plus, the more frequently you clean your bins, the less time it takes for our heat powered cleaning at just 30 seconds for monthly cleans.

One Time


For 2 Bins, $30 for Each Additional Bin

Convenient scheduling
75-90 second cleaning


For 2 Bins, $10 for Each Additional Bin

Convenient scheduling
30 second cleaning


For 2 Bins, $20 for Each Additional Bin

Convenient scheduling
45-60 second cleaning

Zip Codes We Service

We service several major cities throughout Los Angeles County. The zip codes we currently service include:

  • 90039
  • 91011
  • 91020
  • 91046
  • 91201
  • 91202
  • 91203
  • 91204
  • 91205
  • 91206
  • 91207
  • 91208
  • 91210
  • 91214
  • 91501
  • 91502
  • 91504
  • 91505
  • 91506
  • 91521
  • 91523
  • 91352
  • 91605
  • 91606
  • 91607
  • 91331
  • 91401
  • 91402
  • 91405
  • 91103
  • 91042